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Rockpommel's Land-Texte

cover 1977 rockpommel
uhr 1977 rockpommel

Ernie's Reise

You live the story

Of the innocent life's defeat of solitude's dice
Captivated by a moonbeam, chained to despisers of your love
Captivated by despisers, lost in the canyons of your mind

Take just another lad
Call him Ernie and see him returning home from school
Left alone at some old window, leaving paper dreams to fly
Hear the wind whispering gently, calling you to dream away

So fly away in a staggering paper plane
Don't be afraid when somebody takes your game

High above the town soars a little boy in his paper plane
Astonished he peers down, the houses look like toys from his paper plane

The wind takes his hand

Sparkling rivers below, watch the green meadows flow
Feel your face caressed by a golden rainbow
Ernie never felt so strong
As he was gliding along, forgetting all fences he sailed till dawn

Look the sun is sinking low, little boy where do you go?
Time leads you to darkness of the night, shocks you with fright
Don't fear the shadow over you, its a bird called Maraboo
He will light his light, Ernie, he will be your guide

Confidence is a strong assistance to you

Hey little Ernie, I'd like to take you home to my nest
The sun will keep you warm and cozy all nite long
And you'll have a pleasant rest - skip on my chest

The tree with the nest of the bird where the sun goes to bed is so high
It touches the sky

Far away a Blackshirt cleans a chain

Hey little lads, get on dreaming
Fear the warming far away from home
Find your hope in some desert stone
Smell some dope in an ice-cream cone


This evening a huge bird was seen carrying a little boy on his back in a height of about 3000 feet right above sector 0/16. The bird was carrying some beer-bottles, a bag with vegetables, was lit contrary to regulations and was smoking a pipe. We instruct all planes cruising this sector to observe this incident. Over.


Severity Town

Look at the morning's golden sun
Her warmth had melt away your fantasy dreams
Of Mr. GLEE prisoned in ROCKPOMMEL's LAND
Because he'd laughed and danced holding children's hands
Look Ernie where you are, forget about Mr. GLEE
You're just awoken on Maraboo's tree

Look at the morning's golden sun
Boiling the water kettle right on her head
Old Maraboo is warming morning due for you
Ain't it enough at least for this dream to be true

But Ernie said goodbye, to find Mr. GLEE
And Maraboo gave him a feather on his way down tree
On his way, his long long way down tree
You, have you got any aim you could hang on a name
When you're chasing around, climbing trees up and down

See this sinister confusion around, little boy watch out
This cursed place works so graceless and so loud
The Blackshirts have imprisoned Mr. GLEE
'Cos he wants to be the children's friend
Run little Ernie, you're so young and so free
Let your faith and your feather lead you to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND

Ernie chased around and found the town gate
Where two Blackshirts were on guard
Their stoney heads looked so amazing and he laughed
That's why they tried to seize him
He skipped and struggled hard to get off
T'was a real mess-around
And undesigned the Blackshirts touched his feather
Which froze in their frozen frown


Little Ernie didn't believe his eyes when suddenly he was alone. Maraboo gave him a magic feather, which turned each Blackshirt into a stone.

Totally exhausted Ernie went off this severe place and followed a way leading to the mountains. Half an hour later he rested in the shade of a HOWARD JOHNSON'S where he began to consider whether he should turn around the record or have another hot dog...



Anywhere on a desert stone, anywhere so far from home
Where's no friend to hold your hand
To dry your tears changed into sand

Anywhere there's a lonely friend waiting for tears formed to sand
Call him bird or tree or flower
He never won't prevent you

From living all your dreams
From giving all your streams
From changing your ways of dealing into human feeling
Anywhere behind a desert stone, anywhere so far from home
You'll find a grown blind flower
She never is alone, far from home

She feels wind around her
She feels a warming sun
She feels some raindrops wet her leaves
Since that time she lost her griefs

Anywhere, my friend, you'll find a human land
Behind all mountains' sand be born or died - it's not your end


Rockpommel's Land


Here we come, here we are all around
Taking forth our stoney sound stoney arms
Stoney legs, stoney brain
One - two - three and again

Ernie found a hiding place, the only way to stay
A gang of stoney men was scuffing down the way
Stoney noses, stoney heads armed with poisonous eyes
Scorches in their bush-like hands, smoking their stoney size
Run away from this dangerous smoke which wraps those cursed guys
It turns the air to dusty slime and little boys into flies
Ernie, the stoney men have left this place
That is your chance to win the race

Ernie walked for hours with the midday sun
Was it the right or something-gone-wrong-way, that carried him on
Right through stoney desert and sand, all around no one was near
Was it the way to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND - little Ernie began to fear

Ernie thought of old Maraboo
He just was so fair
Sadly he touched his magic feather
Suddenly a rush moved the air
Don't fear the shadow over you
It's your old friend Maraboo
When you touched your feather he perceived your pain
And came to help you again

Full moon was shining at their journey's end
Maraboo and Ernie reached ROCKPOMMEL's LAND
The Valley Of The Caves, The Peak Of Liberty
The Great Gritty Grotto, wherein they saw Mr. GLEE
Suddenly little Ernie heard a thousand children singing
And when he looked up, he saw their shadows filing
Towards the Gritty Grotto shade, where a lattice bared the gate to Mr. GLEE
The good man touched the children's hands
Through a space in the iron fence and felt so free

The lattice burst down like the ice on the water
Ernie had touched it with his feather
And from drawers at the walls of the cave
Hundreds of goblins tumbled down and danced and sang

Now we're free in ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, one-two-three
We love thee and ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, Mr. GLEE
Now we're free in ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, one-two-three
We love thee and ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, Mr. GLEE

The morning awoke, bluring sun warmed the children
They walked hand in hand with each other
Together with Ernie they escorted Mr. GLEE
Home to their town which now was free

Free from hate is ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, it ain't too late
To open your gate to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, don't be afraid

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